Project Type: Collaboration

Freshly Baked Tees

Fresh out of OCADU, a partnership was created with a custom shirt shop owner with his location at Yonge and Wellesley to open a new location at Queen Street West, in the heart of the fashion district.

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Paint Breakers

No limits to surfaces; the floor, the wall and other canvas/objects get painted. Sounds pretty exciting and maybe a little bit messy… The feature break-painting performance by amazing Bboys Fil Fury, Darko and Emstro. Painters: Tong Chen Gina Walker Cat Reyto David McKenzie Megan Paints Cats Keita Morimoto Morgan Booth Cal Schuab Katryna Shreyer Christina […]

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Civic Studies

Community-based projects that respond to urban situations with public art, curating, walking systems, publications, banner projects, community initiatives, festivals and poetry projects. How We Live In Cities launches Spot Gardens, as first steps towards the creation of Garden Corridor for a Garden City . The project offers opportunities to participate using tools that inform and engage through art and materials that […]

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