Sheridan College, Illustration

Seneca College, Graphic Design and Business

OCAD University, Bachelor of Fine Art; Drawing and Painting

Youth Employment Services (YES), “BizStart” Business Program

Rotman School of Management, Mentorship Business Program

Selected Professional Experience

Freshly Baked Tees, Co-Founder and Manager 2009 – 2012

Creatures Creating, Director 2010 – 2014

Trinity Bellwoods BIA, Treasurer 2012 – 2014

Dyan Marie, Artist Assistant 2015 – 2018

BIG on Bloor Festival, Festival Director 2016 – Present

Rotman School of Management, Dr. Paul E. Garfunkel Award “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2017

Selected Initiatives, Community and Public Art Projects

Red Light Sessions, Life Drawing Event Series, Toronto and San Francisco 2013 – 2015

The Picasso Project, Project Lead, Toronto, Montreal and San Francisco 2014 – 2015

Container City, Design and Development, Oakland/Bay Area 2015

Up & Out Public Art Exhibition, Curator, Toronto 2015

Bloor Passport, Editor and Designer, Toronto 2015 – 2017

Selected Curatorial Experience

2018, CAKE, Christina Mazzulla and Shanna Van Maurik, OUR Gallery, Toronto

2017, Place and Placement, Catherine Beaudette, Edward Burtynsky, Eldon Garnet, David Acheson, Heather Nicol, John Dickson, Noel Harding, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Time and Desire, Interspatial: Natalia Bakaeva and Mark Francis, Eric Anthony Charron – ReImagine Galleria, Toronto

2015, Paint and Pigment, Andrew Patterson, Adam Chapman, Anthony Smerek, Scott Oriah, Sara Shields, Liberty Market Contemporary, Toronto

2015, Vigour and Candour, Destiny Grimm, Bradford Wilson, Andre Kan, Liberty Market Contemporary, Toronto

2014, Let There Be Art, Chris Austin, Jordan McKie, Chris Perez, Anthony Smerek, Shane Burrow, David Kleiser, Mony Zakhour, Theatre Ste. Catherine, Montreal

2014, Hamilton Supercrawl, Tongson Chen, Stella Cade, Andre Kan, Christina Mazzulla, Erin Loree, Mony Zakhour, Anthony Smerek, Amanda Bolous, Art Booth, Hamilton

2012-2014, 1000 for 10 i, ii, iii, 30-40 participating artists, Creatures Creating, Toronto

2013, Poetic Poverty, Erin Loree, Stella Cade, Kevin Columbus, Tongson Chen, Mony Zakhour, Rosalind Breen, Jordan McKie, Amanda Boulos, Craig Skinner, Andre Kan, Chris Perez, Susie Julia, Christina Mazzulla, Creatures Creating, Toronto

2013, Inkquisitive Illustration Exhibit, Inkquisitive aka Amandeep Singh, Creatures Creating, Toronto

2013, Sheridan VS OCAD, Andre Kan, Sianna Misheva, Omar Ouyed, Agata Plocinski, Keight MacLean, Michael Pitropov ,Rosena Fung, Camille Jodoin-Eng, Heather Agoncillo, Megan Stiver, Ashley Floreal, Jordan McKie, Anthony Ranieri, Creatures Creating, Toronto

2012, Paint Breakers, Tongson Chen, Morgan Booth, Kizmet, Jordan McKie, David McKenzie, Francis Pratt, in coordination with Art Battle, The Great Hall, Toronto

2012, Art, 3 Inches off the Ground, 20 participating artists, in coordination with Longboard Living, Creatures Creating, Toronto

2011, Abatement, Erin Loree, Liza Lacroix, Creatures Creating, Toronto

2011, 20 Something Else… 32 participating recent graduates from OCADU’s Drawing and Painting program, Creatures Creating, Toronto

Selected Coordination

2014, OCADU Screen Printing Thesis

2014, York University

2014, Seneca University

2013, QUIP Magazine

2013, Keita Morimoto Painting Workshop

2013, New Horizons: Creative Environmental Energy Exposition

2012, 2013, Toronto Design Off Site Festival

2012, 2013 NXNE

2011, 2012, 2013 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

2012, Oasis Skateboard Factory

2012, 2013, Scotiabank Contact

2012, Lido Pimienta Music Showcase

2012, Candy Chang: Before I Die…

our circle

A network of advisors, supporters and contributors
    Denessa Gookool

    Finishing Curatorial and Criticism at OCADU, Denessa is a strong organizer, curator and visual artist, currently assisting with DCP initiatives.

    Denessa Gookool
    Dyan Marie

    Curator, poet, photographer, visual artist and a leader in community initiatives; Marie has 30+ years in the arts community in many different faucets and is an asset resource

    Dyan Marie
    Creative Consultant
    Zachary Scholtz

    Proficient in photography and video, Scholtz has been a strong contribution to DCP with everything multimedia, and continues to develop his own portfolio with established clients

    Zachary Scholtz
    Dougal Bichan

    Dougal & Co. - director, producer, photographer, musician. Bichan experience and award-winning productions are an amazing resource to have as a consultant

    Dougal Bichan
    Project Consultant
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