Call For Submissions

1000 for 10

Confirmation EXTENDED Deadline December 9th, 2017

Drop-off available until December 14th. Please coordinate times via email.

Opening Reception December 16th.


  • Is there a limit on submissions?
    • You can submit as many pieces as you like for the one fee.
  • Are there size restrictions?
    • Works can be any dimension, on any medium, as long as they are install ready.
  • Must submissions be original works?
    • Prints, digitals and other multiples are acceptable.
  • When can I deliver the pieces? Where?
    • Drop off times are Dec 1st and 2nd from Noon to 5pm at 1444 Dupont St, Unit 31 (right across from Angell Gallery). If unavailable during those times, please contact to coordinate.
  • Must each submission be $10? Can they vary?
    • Pieces can vary from $10 to $40, with an emphasis on $10 though.
  • I can price lower if pieces weren’t framed, can I offer it as an option at different prices?
    • Unframed pieces are welcomed and can be installed via magnets to not damage the work.
  • When should I come back to pick-up and remaining pieces?
    • December 22nd we will have everything organized to begin pick-up of work and funds. If unavailable during the 22nd, you can visit us during office hours in the New Year.

Attendance is expected to be in the hundreds, please ensure all works are ready to leave the same night (nothing wet).

There is no theme to the exhibition.

All submissions should come with a link to your work (website, social media, etc) No Bios or statements will be collected.