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Civic Studies

Community-based projects that respond to urban situations with public art, curating, walking systems, publications, banner projects, community initiatives, festivals and poetry projects.

How We Live In Cities launches Spot Gardens, as first steps towards the creation of Garden Corridor for a Garden City . The project offers opportunities to participate using tools that inform and engage through art and materials that create gardens. Provided resources, workshops and event advance idea gardens and work to encourage the removal of sections of grass, cement or asphalt from residential front yards, publicly sited commercial or orphaned civic spaces and then replant with low maintenance, drought resistant, bee-friendly plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs or trees. The Spot Gardens become linked together to form a garden corridor as a progressive step for imagining a Garden City.

Gardens are a way to lower city carbon footprints while improving the experience of living in cities. Gardens help mediate summer heat, water run-off, provide bee and wildlife habitat, enhance urban appearances and provide healthy, self-directed exercise. Collecting spot garden sites into corridors can link civic, public and commercial space into Walk Here routes that encourage people to walk to work, schools, parks and shops. Walking enables stronger civic engagement; it enables people to live where they live, while fostering better health and mindset.