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Premium custom-made wooden book cover, for those that want to support with style! Featuring extra stories, photos and Toronto Trivia not found in the regular book!

Take a journey through photos and short stories from the start to end of Creatures Creating; a small collective of young artists, musicians and other creative creators who worked and played together while facing various obstacles…some fun, some hard and others simply weird.

*Delivered December 14th, 2020

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Product Description

November 11th, 2010 marked the first event under “Creatures Creating”, showcasing the artworks of OCAD students, musician friends and poetry readings hosted in the basement of a retail shop.

Further events, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and community projects followed, growing a collective of creatives that could never be duplicated.

This book is a journey through photos of the beginning to ending of Creatures Creating. Stories from the creator, Darren Leu, include how it started, weird business partners, learning the hard (and expensive) way, and final takeaways. Additional texts from artists, supporters and neighbours reveal further insights of what it was like to be involved with the community; the impacts, friends, enemies, lessons and trials.

This is a fundraiser initiative during these difficult times.

The beginning of 2020, the plans were to launch a large Retrospective Exhibition celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Creatures Creating, but with public events cancelled, and the financial insecurities myself and many others face, this book alternative aims to celebrate and support.