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Throughout the span of working in the arts, many fundraiser initiative were launched under the Creative Direction of Darren Christopher and collaborators.

Beasts of Bloor
Music showcase featuring Lido Pimento, art installations by Shanna Van Maurik and Christina Mazzulla, projection artwork, BBQ and Raptors Finale patio lounge. Goal of $5,000 surpassed by $712 through ticket sales, donations, merchandising and food/drink tickets. Funds used to support local art projects for the 2019 BIG on Bloor Festival.

Creatures Creating MMX Book
2020 Campaign to raise $2,500 net through the creation of a series of printed books, digital downloads and zines highlighting the emerging years of Creatures Creating; its origins, the artists, locations and speed bumps. Successfully met and surpassed goal by $1,823.

Area 51 Studio Upgrade
A new industrial art production space required additional funds for materials, labour and other services. A 2017 crowdfunding campaign was paired with sponsors and community outreach to meet the goal of $7,625 successfully, and cover costs of incentives which included art prints, stickers, buttons, private workshops and project space discounts.

Picasso Project
A unique initiative that continued past the initial fundraiser goal, which travelled from Toronto, Montreal to San Francisco between 2014 to 2015. Campaign aimed to raise funds for the Sick Kids Hospital and awareness for locally disenfranchised artists effected by the gentrification of neighbourhoods pricing out art studios.

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