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High Praises

The year of 2021, Year of Public Art, has been dedicated as the kick-off year for the City’s new 10-Year of Public Art Strategy  signalling Toronto’s renewed commitment to public art.

High Praises are a series of large-scale text installations of positive messages installed on rooftops throughout the Queen West streetscape. Each message is a reflection of the community, its rich diversity that engages visitors through dialogue that will have a positive impact. The message installations at each rooftop will encourage foot traffic to the area, with a unique scavenger hunt searching for each one will create an intimate relationship with visitors in a 24/7, accessible and inclusive format, while respecting social distancing.


  • Artist Open Call – March 2nd to March 18th
  • Approved Artists Announced – no later than March 25th 
  • Production is planned from March 29th to April 12th
  • Installation in late April 
  • On display until July 

-Submit 4 to 6 images of previous work (.pdf or .jpeg)
-Relevant Experience working on various mediums
-Connection to the neighbourhood/community
-Interpretation of the theme presented

Selected artists will be paid an artist fee of $750 for their approved artwork and concept. Painting supplies will be reimbursed up to an approved amount based on the submitted proposal.