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Shutters asks visitors how much art do they allow in? Are your blinds closed to community projects or do you let it all in? Do you engage or view from a distance?

Various local artists created murals to encourage visitors to change their work by blocking out parts as you deem fit, create icons or messages with the shutter panels or block it out completely. Artists serve the community. Creativity can be blindly consumed without appreciating those behind the scenes.


  • Artist Open Call – March 15th to March 22nd
  • Approved Artists Announced – March 25th
  • Production is planned from March 29th to April 12th
  • Installation in late April
  • On display until July

-Submit 4 to 6 images of previous work (.pdf or .jpeg)
-Relevant Experience working on various mediums
-Connection to the neighbourhood/community
-Interpretation of the theme presented

Selected artists will be paid an artist fee of $750 for their approved artwork and concept. Painting supplies will be reimbursed up to an approved amount based on the submitted proposal.